Pricing -

The prices below are rough prices for our 24 ft by 24 ft by 16 ft tall standard "X" style framed system. Since each job is custom and prices vary depending on your location and the size of the job, the following prices are only estimates and do not include applicable taxes, shipping, and installation fees. The pricing below are based on the approximate square foot area enclosed by the frame. Arches along the edges of the covers will decrease the amount of shaded area.

The price per square foot decreases for the following reasons -

  • Size of the unit increases (up to a point)
  • The number of units purchased increases.

  • Linking units together.

    The price per square foot increases for the following reasons -

  • The use of an aluminum frame instead of steel frame.

  • The use of custom style frames (box style, arched style, square style, ect.)
  • Frame size is smaller than 24 ft by 24 ft.
  • Custom cover styles.
  • Screen Printing logos or company names.
  • Prices start at $25 per square foot for the QX system mentioned above.

    Providence Design does require partial payment with order placement and the balance within 10 days of completed installation.  The percentage required at order placement varies somewhat with the size of the project.

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