Prefabrication vs. Custom -

Do you make Prefabricated units, or is each job custom?

  • Providence Design only makes custom units. While we do have a standard 24 ft x 24 ft frame, each frame is designed specifically for your needs. The customer gets to decide every aspect, from the type of frame size, design and color, to the cover shape, color, and percent blockage for every unit we make. Whether it is a standard 24 ft x 24 ft frame, or any other size frame, each order is design with your exact location in mind. Providence takes into account the location in planning for additional snow and wind load strengths. Any slope that might be present in the installation location is taken into account. As well, the slope of the cover is designed in relationship to the rising and setting of the sun to provide the maximum shade possible.
  • How big can a custom job be?

  • With a 27,000 square foot manufacturing building, Providence can handle almost any size custom designed job.

  • Do you only have one design frame?

  • While Providence Design does offer mostly framed units, we can design and manufacture any cover to fit your needs, framed or non-framed.


  • Call or email Providence today to get a quote on a custom designed canopy that is truly unique and sets your business apart.