The Installation Process

    Since each unit is custom made in a manufacturing facility, our installation time is much shorter than the competitions. Our frame design moves the strength of the structure from relying on large concrete footings, often 12ft+ deep, to relying on our engineered frame design for its strength. This allows Providence Design to use drop in anchors to bolt the frame to concrete if its strength and depth allows.  Otherwise a 3' by 3' by 8" deep footing should be placed at each corner. Not having to install deep footings lowers the installation cost dramatically. It also speeds the process of installation up, reducing the time that your business is down.

    A normal crew of three installers can assemble about 3-4 entire units in one day. Providence quotes installation as a separate cost. So, if desired, a business could purchase a number of units, and have a contractor of their choice install these units to our specifications.