The QX Frame

    Providence Design uses a unique Quick change framed canopy system call the QX frame. This system allows for numerous different designs of tensioned canopies to go inside a single frame, allowing us to offer a Change-out Plan.  

    We offer many different frame tops, including our standard "X" style frame, a square style frame, an arched frame, aside from many custom designed frames.

What are the advantages of your QX framed system over someone elses non-framed structures?

     Many canopy systems use single poles at each corner rather than a frame system.  This provides a simplistic look, but these installations require large, deep, and sometimes partially above ground concrete footings.  These larger footings are required to resist any side forces, but their depth may interefere with underground utilities.

Why a frame?

    Our QX frame system also provides the strength for the system. Since all of the upright poles are connected to one another, the vertical poles only have to resist upward motion, with the "X" frame at the top (or which ever style you choose) resisting side loads and causing the whole unit to function as a rigid structure. This allows for less concrete work at the legs, allowing minimal footings or simply drop-in anchors at each corner.

Do you only offer the "X" style frame shown above?

 In short, no, we provide many custom designed frames. Providence will work with you to design any style of frame to suit your particular needs. Since each system is build specifically for you and is designed to meet your particular needs, we do not stock frames. We custom build each frame to fit each customers exact needs.

Is this a permanent structure?

   The great thing about our QX frame systems is that it allows for our units to be installed with out the need for extensive concrete work and large footings. Depending on the strength of your concrete, only a few simple holes need to be drilled. This allows you to move the structures with minimal effect to your lot. If you do wish to move your structure, then merely unbolt the anchors from the ground and disassemble the frame. Your concrete is left flush without any excess paving work or large bolts sticking up.

How long will the frame last?

    Providence guarantees the steel frame for 5 years against any manufacturing defects. This does not protect it against Acts of God, vandalism, or misuse. The frame is been designed to withstand 90mph winds, but we can not cover it for gust above 90 mph.