The Cover

    Providence uses only materials that are designed specifically for shade and tension structures. Some of the materials that are available for use are Sunbrella, Ferrari, Cooley, Seaman, Saint-Gobain, and Astrup.  All of these materials are dimensionally stable to reduce long term sag.


    U.V. Protection
    These materials have been proven to block harmful Ultraviolet Rays. Each of the materials that Providence Design uses has a certain percentage of U.V. rays that it will block. Deciding which material you want is a very important part of the process.   


In the pictures above, the Ferrari 92 blocks 92% of light, while the Ferrari 86 blocks 86%.

    Cover Manufacturing

    Our covers are manufactured to the highest standards. Each cover is designed with the aid of computers, and manufactured specifically for each individual customer in a manufacturing facility. Providence uses a number of different methods of manufacturing the cover, including hot air welding, sewing, hot wedge welding, and radio frequency welding depending on fabric choice.


   No On-site Fabrication

     Providence does very little, if any, on-site fabrication. Other companies sew their covers on-site, making installation costs and time go up. The time to make the units on site also interrupts your business for days. Providence Design has more than adequate control over the manufacturing process so that each custom designed cover can be manufactured before the installation process begins. Each cover is design on a computer to exact specifications before the first cut is made.

    After an order is received, Providence will travel to your location, obtain information regarding size, pavement type, pavement slope, etc, to design the frame and canopy.  Once complete, if footings are required, actual dimensions of your frame are sent to your contractor (if we do not install it) so he can be sure to locate footings exactly.